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Healm Employer Platform


CDC and NACDD, through their ongoing work expanding coverage and support for type 2 diabetes prevention with state health departments, national organizations, and hundreds of employers, identified a need for a decision support tool that could reach more employers more efficiently. This led to the creation of Healm, an online platform developed with and for employers to help them make informed decisions about providing the National DPP lifestyle change program as a covered benefit for their employees.

  1. What is Healm?
  2. What to Expect
  3. How to Register

What is Healm?

Healm is an online platform that includes proprietary decision-making software, a personalized progress tracking and metrics dashboard, and tailored technical assistance. These tools can help employers get approval for the program from their organization’s leadership and implement the program successfully. To visit the site, please click on the logo below:

Healm Banner

What to Expect

When an employer registers and logs in to Healm, they will have access to a wealth of information about the National DPP lifestyle change program. This information will be presented in a variety of formats including interactive learning modules and videos as well as dashboards displaying the employer’s data.

As the employer works through the content, they will be asked a series of questions about their organization, which will allow the system to customize their experience. Employer’s answers will populate a customizable dashboard that can be used to measure success after adopting the National DPP lifestyle change program. Employers can change this information as needed if they decide to cover the program for their workforce.

How to Register

Employers can register for Healm by clicking the icon below:

Healm Work

Content Updated: February 10, 2024