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UHA Roadmap


A Roadmap for Organizations Interested in Umbrella Hub Arrangements (UHAs) to Support the National DPP Lifestyle Change Program

The UHA Roadmap provides an overview of activities to operationalize a UHA for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program. This resource is intended for potential umbrella hub organizations (UHOs), subsidiary organizations, state organizations, conveners, or others interested in learning about a National DPP UHA. UHOs and potential subsidiary organizations may use this resource as high-level guidance to develop a UHA. State organizations, conveners, and others interested in learning about the UHA may use this resource to understand how they can partner with the UHO and subsidiary organizations.

The UHA Roadmap captures many of the steps pursued by existing UHAs, however, each UHA is unique and steps toward operationalization may vary, including the order in which the steps occur. To learn more about how other states have operationalized UHAs, visit the Umbrella Hub Demonstration section on the UHA Overview page of the Coverage Toolkit. Additional details on each aspect of the UHA Roadmap are available on the Umbrella Hub Arrangement Overview, Business Model for Umbrella Hub Arrangements, Reimbursement for Umbrella Hub Arrangements, and Sustaining Umbrella Hub Arrangements pages of the Coverage Toolkit.

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A downloadable version of the roadmap is available here.

Content Updated: March 6, 2024